The most highly trained Saddle Fitting team in Australia.

Founded by Paula Jeffery in 2012, Performance Saddlefits has recognized an increasing need to raise the standard of saddle fitting Australia wide and to educate horse owners and other equine professionals on the importance of correct saddle fit for both horse and rider. PSA aims to achieve these goals by providing expertly qualified Master Saddle fitters in every state of australia and by offering quality and accessible seminars, training and info sessions for both horse owners and equine professionals.

Performance Saddlefits Team

Meet the Team


Paula Jeffery

Paula Jeffery, is a Registered Qualified Saddlefitter with the UK Society of Master Saddlers in Australia.

Along with 2 other Saddlefitting Qualifications, Paula is a highly experienced rider and trainer; an EFA General Level 1 Coach, AHRC Level 1 Coach and Assessor, riding for 30 yrs and coaching for 23 yrs, with 7 years of those training and competing overseas in UK and Europe as a dressage rider at FEI level.

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Zoe Messina

Zoe Messina is currently working towards her Society of Master Saddlefitters UK qualification.

As a Human and Equine Acupuncturist, Zoe was constantly being confronted with the long reaching effects of ill fitting saddles for both horse and rider. The correlation between back pain, compensatory posture and saddlefit issues soon became obvious. This spurred her to learn as much as she could about how the saddle affects the biomechanical health of the equine/human relationship.

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Katherine Plomer

Katherine has been running her business Equifit Qld for a number of years now.

Her learning journey began at age 16 when she failed to check her saddle fit resulting in soreness issues for her horse.

Through the rehabilitation process which included EMRT bodywork, saddle assessment and exercise therapy, Katherine had discovered her new career path! She wanted to be able to assist horses to perform better while also sharing her knowledge!

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Alex Horsburgh

Alex has consider her horse Jack to be primarily responsible for starting her on her journey to become the best saddle fitter she can be. Upon purchasing Jack, she did what many people do and pulled an old saddle out of the tack room and threw it on him, hoping for the best. Within 3 months, her lovely placid horse had begun bolting, shying at anything that moved and consistently avoiding the contact. This wasn’t the horse she had fallen in love with!

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Lyn Prescott

Lyn Prescott has been riding most of her life beginning at Pony Club and followed by years of pleasure riding before taking up competitive riding again in her 30’s concentrating mostly on dressage.

Lyn first met Paula in 2013 after a long and fruitless search to find a saddle to fit her very broad Friesian Warmblood.  Paula’s expertise and advice resulted in a well-fitting, custom made saddle at a great price and Lyn finally had a happy horse whose performance improved dramatically after the change in saddle.

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