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Performance Saddlefits WA

Alex considers her horse Jack to be primarily responsible for starting her on the journey to become the best saddle fitter possible. Upon purchasing Jack, she did what many people do and pulled an old saddle out of the tack room and threw it on him, hoping for the best. Within 3 months, her lovely placid horse had begun bolting, shying at anything that moved and consistently avoiding the contact. This wasn’t the horse she had fallen in love with!

After a particularly hairy trail ride, a friend noticed white hairs on his back and suggested a saddle check. This was a light bulb moment for Alex: she had switched on what was to become a burning passion for all things saddle fit.

She began with a five day course with Peter Horobin learning the teachings of the guru Jochen Schleese. This course raised even more questions that despite extensive research, remained unanswered and facilitated a desire to become a UK Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Fitter;  widely recognised as the hardest saddle fitting qualification to gain in the world.

This required a 3 year apprenticeship with a SMS Qualified Fitter and Alex decided to join Performance Saddlefits under the training and guidance of Paula Jeffery.

Since then she has completed the US Equinology saddle fitting course with the renowned Dr Kerry Ridgeway and an Equinology Equine Body Worker course with the wonderful Debranne Pattillo.

Alex strongly believe in continuous professional development. All members of the Performance Saddlefits team work closely together to share knowledge and keep across the latest research and trends. They work with a number of international saddle manufacturers and fitters who continually provide insight into the latest saddle technologies and fitting advice.

Saddle fit is key to preserving the happiness and health of you and your horse, our number one priority.