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Performance Saddlefits QLD

Katherine has been running her business Equifit Qld for a number of years now.

Her learning journey began at age 16 when she failed to check her saddle fit resulting in soreness issues for her horse.

Through the rehabilitation process which included EMRT bodywork, saddle assessment and exercise therapy, Katherine had discovered her new career path! She wanted to be able to assist horses to perform better while also sharing her knowledge!

In 2009 Katherine went on to study the three year degree, Bachelor of Applied Science (Equine Science) at the University of Queensland, Gatton, along with a two year Equine Muscle Release Therapy (EMRT) course at the Equus College of Learning and Research.  Dedicated to learning she graduated as an EMRT practitioner in 2010, graduating top of her class. Katherine believes that you never stop learning and continues her bodywork and equine education by attending various courses including: myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, equine body articulation, Sharon May Davis dissections, biomechanics courses and a Therapy Masterclass as well as Equi-tape Practitioner Course.

During her time as an equine body worker, Katherine became increasing frustrated at the number of horses that had issues relating to poor saddle fit. Recognising the direct link between the two, she is now training towards her Society of Master Saddlers Fitting Qualification and has opened Performance Saddlefits Qld to provide comprehensive solutions to her saddlefitting clients.