“The Encore is the saddle that just “disappears under you.” It’s a saddle that gives great freedom to the rider, as it is not too deep or confining. This is a great saddle for the close contact dressage enthusiast and a good choice for trail riders too. We sell many of these saddles to owners of gaited horses as well.

Its features are:

  • “open” seat that suits riders who want room in the saddle, or for whom high cantles create back problems
    black nubuck leather seat for superior stability and grip–non slip, not sticky
  • Removeable knee blocks for those who want the closest contact

The Encore is available in 18″, 19″ and 20″ seats in a wide variety of tree widths: 32 cm through 40 cm! (There are a few 17″ and 17.5″ seats in stock as well.)”

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