“The Fidelio is a comfortable, beautiful saddle at an amazing price. We invite you to try it–you won’t believe what we are offering!

The Fidelio is our newest model, featuring:

  • deep & soft seat
  • narrower twist than our other dressage models
  • billeting system with back billet on a sliding ring for greater stability on the horse
  • selected, best quality leather
  • 3 sets of knee blocks–large, medium or small to suit the individual rider
  • heat molded knee pad shaped over block
  • gusseted, wool flocked panels as in our other dressage models

Our Fidelio model now comes in two types of panels, both wool flocked. In addition to the regular, integrated panels which have been standard on this model, we now also stock some Fidelios with “upswept” independent panels which follow the curve of the tree a little more. These upswept panels are excellent for short-backed or curvy-backed horses, as they come up off the horse’s back a little more quickly. Same lovely saddle–now, two choices in panels!”

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