“The Harmony monoflap dressage saddle is built on our popular and wonderfully comfortable Fidelio tree. This saddle offers the close contact of a monoflap, but without the problems created by saddles with exterior blocks (which may not fit your leg position). Here, we’ve designed something special: a block which tucks into the knee pad, which is fashioned like a pocket with a front opening. You can remove this block entirely or substitute a smaller block. We’ve included pictures to show you how the block comes in and out. Features of this saddle:

  • deep and soft seat, like our Fidelio
  • narrower twist, like Fidelio
  • single flap design for close contact feel
  • high quality leather
  • gusseted, flocked panels like our other saddles
  • generous channel, as with all our saddles

We have a limited inventory of this saddle, in a variety of sizes, ranging from 17″ to 18″ seats and trees from 34 cm to 38 cm. If you try one and need a size we don’t have, we’ll happily order it for you. We can order narrow trees, too, and seats from 16″ to 21″!”

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