The Enduro LDR is designed with broader wool flocked panels helping to distribute the rider’s weight evenly, offering 20% greater bearing surface and a close contact feel at the front of the panel.

Built on an open headed narrow waisted tree and a cut back head prevents impact on the wither and a wider than usual gullet increases air flow, reducing fatigue and overheating.

The deep comfortable soft seat, made from multi layers of latex foam, together with extended flaps, allow the rider to ride long and balanced even over the roughest terrain. The saddle is fitted as standard with six Dee rings and a Crupper for all trail riding accessories. The Enduro can also be used as a general purpose saddle and can be made without the Dees and Crupper if required.

The Enduro LDR continues the long tradition Frank Baines Saddlery has with endurance riding. Our experience of fitting a wide range of horses from the ever popular Arab to the many other breeds, has allowed us to evolve and develop in the production of this saddle.

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