Offering style combined with performance allows you to reach new heights!

Designed specifically for the demands of Show Jumpers and Event Riders alike to improve and aid performance.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Event Jumping Saddle available in two types of panel.

The Mono/Single flap offers extreme closeness and increased control maximising the contact between horse and rider and allows you to really feel each movement of your horse

The wide bearing surface in the panel allows even weight distribution and is currently only available with pure white wool flocking.

The concealed V girthing system on the Mono flap eliminates bulk and discomfort under the rider’s leg and minimizes movement and the knee and thigh block are moulded to the outer flap to allow immediate contact and leg position.

A selection of options are available to allow the saddle to be custom built as well as a large selection tree sizes available for the horse.

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