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Erreplus Connect WR dressage saddle

Developed on our flat dressage tree, the Connect WR (wither relief) Dressage Saddle has some exciting Improvements and innovations: 

A completely new profile rubber seat, specially shaped to provide superb shock absorption for the rider and to maximise the feeling of close contact.

After a year of research and development, the tree points have been completely re-designed by introducing a triangle-shaped side-reinforcement, attached between the tree points and the middle of the tree.  This ensures greater support, stability and balance of the saddle and reduces the pressure from the tree points on the withers and trapezius muscles.

The new-style panels are all thinner compared to those in our other saddle models, and are available in the following three configurations: 
Classic Connect panels:  also available in +1 and +2 behind
Anatomic panels: cut back in the front and regular in length on the back.  Also available in +1 and +2 behind.
Compact panels: for horses with a short back line, cut back in the front and shorter in length on the back.  These panels are really aimed at professional riders.  They are only available in the thin standard and Z version since they are particularly suited to flat backed horses.

The WR Connect has new skirts and flaps, where additional padding has been introduced, to ensure maximum comfort to the rider
The WR Connect is available with the following projections: DD/D/B/F.  They can be adjusted in a second moment, only by our dealers.

Available in mono flap and double flap

- Forward (+ 2cm), to guarantee more freedom to the knee and thigh support 
- Standard
- Drawback (-2cm) for greater support and knee contact.
- Double Drawback (-4cm) for a more vertical position