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How can I help my horse be the very best he can?

With over 26 years as a professional in the horse industry, I can honestly say that the more I learn the more I wish I knew!

As a saddlefitter seeing horses at every possible level, training internationally with the best in the industry, attending dissections, and working with physiotherapists and vets, we see first-hand the impact that we, as riders, have on horses. It makes me want to despair sometimes. It makes me ask - how can we do better?!

Or, I will be at a saddlefitting with an owner in tears after we have explained why their horse has pain and muscle wastage or why it has started refusing jumps and they will inevitably say “my poor horse - I didn’t realise!!”   Absolutely!

We don’t know what we don’t know!

If you have never been exposed to the information or knowledge – you don’t know.

BUT! Once you DO know, you can do better!

THAT is why we do these seminars.

Because we know that our owners truly love their horses and want to do their absolute best by them. It’s our responsibility in our care and ownership of these beautiful, generous souls.

What will you learn from a Biomechanics and Saddlefitting Seminar?

Our full-day seminars with Performance Saddlefits founder and Society of Master Saddlers Fitter, Paula Jeffery, are designed for horse owners and industry professionals.

Over an informative and enjoyable day, we share with you how saddle fit influences your horse’s movement, performance and soundness, along with challenges presented by different conformation, breeds, saddle design and symmetry.

Comprising of both theory sessions and practical demonstrations, this is a great opportunity to help your horse achieve peak performance, comfort and health. You will leave with an understanding of how to recognise and trouble shoot potential problems and know when to call in an expert.


Key Topics Include:

•  Understanding Equine Anatomy and Biomechanics

•  Saddle design and basic variations that affect fit

•  How saddle pressure influences movement, causes and solutions to better fit and performance

•  Compensatory posture and movement

•  Recognising asymmetry in the horse and rider – and it’s effect on saddle fit

•  Pressure mapping technology under the saddle

•  Fitting the ‘hard to fit’ horse – conformational challenges to saddle fit and solutions

•  Postural and performance indicators of incorrect saddle fit – when things go wrong!

•  How to perform your own saddle health check

•  Saddle fit checklist and workbook – getting the best from your horse!

    Morning Tea and Lunch and Seminar Workbook are included. 

    We hope we will see you there!