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The most highly trained Saddle Fitting team in Australia.

Founded by Paula Jeffery in 2012, Performance Saddlefits has recognised an increasing need to raise the standard of saddle fitting Australia wide and to educate horse owners and other equine professionals on the importance of correct saddle fit for both horse and rider.

PSA aims to achieve these goals by providing expertly qualified Saddle fitters with the Society of Master Saddlers UK in every state of Australia and by offering quality and accessible seminars, training and info sessions for both horse owners and equine professionals.


Head Office

Paula Jeffery, is a Registered Qualified Saddlefitter with the UK Society of Master Saddlers in Australia.

Along with 2 other Saddlefitting Qualifications, Paula is a highly experienced rider and trainer; an EFA General Level 1 Coach, AHRC Level 1 Coach and Assessor, riding for 30 yrs and coaching for 23 yrs, with 7 years of those training and competing overseas in UK and Europe as a dressage rider at FEI level.


Ella has been involved in the equine industry for over 20yrs from when she first began riding at the age of 8.

She competes successfully in Show Jumping at State and National level and holds numerous state titles and as a young rider was selected on the National Show Jumping Development Squad.

Her previous employment in the industry includes Thoroughbred yearling preparation, stud hand, stable manager and competition groom for national and Olympic riders.

NSW-REGION 2 and 3
Southern Sydney, Blue Mountains & Southern Highlands Region

Vi passed all of the French riding federal diplomas up until the teaching certification. She dabbled in jumping, cross country, a bit of horse ball and polo, but dressage has always been her true love.

Vi met Paula when she was looking for a new dressage saddle for her friesian stallion, and that meeting inspired her to make a total career change to help improve horses's welfare and horse and rider harmony by finding the best saddle fit solution for both horse and rider, something she is really passionate about.
She is training and is being mentored for the Society of Master Saddlers Saddle Fitting accreditation by Paula Jeffery, who is herself a Registered Qualified Saddlefitter with the UK Society of Master Saddlers in Australia.
Vi covers the Southern Sydney region.


Southern NSW & ACT

Jessica Wardell, or Jess as she is known mostly, has been in love with horses since she was a toddler, her cousins owned and raced Standard breds and they also had riding horses on the family farm so she was always pestering them for rides. 

Jess attended pony club from a young age and has competed in dressage, showjumping and showing. She currently owns three horses which are her pride and joy. 

Jess is currently studying for her UK qualification as a Master Saddle fitter, as well as a qualification in Equine Massage Therapy and Photonics Therapy.


Northern Victoria

Lucy Robins joined Performance Saddlefits in 2019, to service the Northern Victoria area.

Lucy owned horses growing up in the UK, where it is usual practice to employ a qualified saddle fitter whenever you purchase a horse. Lucy owned a young Connemara gelding, and she vividly remembers his saddle fit assessment and the continuous monitoring of how well his saddle suited him as his shape changed. Regular monitoring led to topping up of flocking and re-flocking as necessary.


Southern Victoria

Zoe Manning is a Society of Master Saddlers UK qualified Fitter.

As a Human and Equine Acupuncturist, Zoe was constantly being confronted with the long-reaching effects of ill-fitting saddles for both horse and rider. The correlation between back pain, compensatory posture and saddle fit issues soon became obvious. This spurred her to learn as much as she could about how the saddle affects the biomechanical health of the equine/human relationship.

Western Victoria
Beck completed her accreditation with the Accredited Saddle Fitters of Australia and is currently working towards her Registered Saddlefitter qualification with the UK Society of Master Saddlers.

South Australia

Mette is a qualified Equinology Equine Body Worker and has trained in saddle fitting and repairs in the UK under the Society of Master Saddlers and in Italy with the team at Erreplus. She has trained and is in ongoing mentorship for the Society of Master Saddlers Saddle Fitting accreditation with Lyn Prescott and Paula Jeffery who have held qualifications with the UK Masters Saddlers Society for many years.

Mette is dedicated to finding the best saddle fit solutions for you and your horse, bringing you the best of English and European custom made saddles and thereby increasing horse performance, comfort and welfare. She covers most of South Australia, including some regional areas.

Western Australia

Andrea Quarrell, working towards her qualification as a qualified fitter through Society of Master Saddlers in the UK.

Inspired to become and Saddle fitter and is Passionate about helping others. Having a horse that was hard to find the right saddle for has created a journey for Andrea to making a happy rider and happy horse and getting horse owners out there riding and enjoying our horses.

South East QLD

Catherine is an accredited exercise physiologist who runs a Welsh pony stud in Qld.

She is now servicing SE Queensland with Performance Saddlefits and is working towards becoming a Qualified Saddle Fitter with the Society of Master Saddlers in the UK. 

Catherine is positioned to help both the rider and the horse and has a keen interest in rider and horse biomechanics.


Performance Saddlefits Store

Lyn is a Society of Master Saddlers UK qualified saddle fitter who has retired from full time fitting.

Lyn was previously the Performance Saddlefits SA saddle fitter, retiring in 2019, and now dedicates her time to research on saddle fit and saddle fit related products. In October, 2020 Lyn became manager of the online store which specialises in products that have purpose and specific function to assist with minor saddle fit issues. Lyn has a raft of knowledge on saddle fit, anatomy and biomechanics and holds 2 saddle fitting qualifications and thus is able to give horse owners sound advice on their needs.



Shantel has been a part of the equine world since she was 5years old, and has had a love for horses ever since. 

Her love for the Eventing scene and equine muscle development has led her to wanting true understanding of support, security and comfort of saddles throughout the different disciplines, for both the horse and rider.

Saddle fitting came into Shantels life after following her mothers footsteps as an 18year old, and she soon realised the effects that saddles can have on a horses performance and health. The more she learnt, the more she drove herself to know the details of what creates the perfect connection between horse and rider without compromising the horses health. 

Shantel has learnt the process of massage therapy and is currently a fully qualified coach, which has aided her understanding in correct rider position and support.

With a big passion for saddles, horses, muscles, and rider improvement, Shantel is extremely excited to be a part of the Performance Saddlefits team, working towards her Society of Master Saddle Fitters accreditation with the support of Paula Jeffery, and will continue to work hard to further her education and knowledge with saddle fitting.