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Zoe Manning

Southern Victoria

Zoe Manning is a Society of Master Saddlers UK qualified Fitter.

‘The saddle is the interface between two independent, athletic, moving bodies. It should offer the rider support and balance to perform all movements and enable them to effectively use their core and limbs as aids, whilst allowing the horse freedom of movement and peak biomechanical ability. The fit and suitability of this interface are therefore of utmost importance to allow absence from pain, freedom of movement and peak performance!”.

As a Human and Equine Acupuncturist, Zoe was constantly being confronted with the long-reaching effects of ill-fitting saddles for both horse and rider. The correlation between back pain, compensatory posture and saddle fit issues soon became obvious. This spurred her to learn as much as she could about how the saddle affects the biomechanical health of the equine/human relationship.

With a background in equine therapy and nutrition, Zoe brings a dynamic assessment approach to every horse she sees.

Dual qualified as a human and horse acupuncturist and herbalist, Zoe also has qualifications in equine massage, equine science and has experience as a professional hoof care provider. She has studied extensively with Dr Eleanor Kellon in equine nutrition and manufactures and distributes the popular Missy’s Bucket mineral mix – specially designed for horses in Australia.

Along with saddle fitting and bodywork, Zoe can help you with nutritional management and hoof care advice if you require it.

Zoe is VIC-REGION 2 she covers Southern Victoria.

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